Jesus Christ Superstar: The Concert (2020)

14 August – 27 September

lyrics by TIM RICE

In 2020, Covid-19 saw all theatres in the UK close. Our planned productions were rescheduled to 2021. On 9 July the UK government announced that outdoor theatres could reopen. Following stringent safety guidelines, which meant that we could only sell 390 of our usual 1256 seats (to enable social distancing in the auditorium), on 14 August, we opened Jesus Christ Superstar: The Concert. This was the first live West End production to reopen during the Covid crisis.

A restaging of our 2016 production, cast members from the Open Air Theatre, Barbican and North American productions came together to present a unique socially distanced performance. In the 50th anniversary of the Superstar album release, Tim Rice and Andrew Lloyd Webber visited the production, which played for six weeks to sell out capacity. A giant LED screen was added to the venue’s lawn to give more people chance to experience the production.

The cast

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Daily Telegraph

"Andrew Lloyd Webber's electric rock gig, is a wake-up call for our Covid-cowed capital. It’s JOYOUSLY UPLIFTING to see London theatre reborn and rocking again. A BEACON OF ARTISTIC HOPE"


"Infinitely more than a concert. It is enormously to the credit of this production that within moments of its beginning you entirely forget the strangeness of the situation and are completely engrossed in the staging. A TRIUMPH AND A BLESSING"

Broadway World

"This heavenly show perfectly encapsulates the power of theatre: its endurance and determination to return, and the sheer amount of talent from cast, crew, and creatives within it."

The Sunday Times

“Fifty years on from its conception, Superstar continues to cast a spell. ENERGETIC AND EMOTIONALLY RICH"

The Guardian

"TRIUMPHANT. An evening that revels in the joy of people coming together and the glory of theatrical talent getting back to work"

Daily Mail

"If this is just a concert version, the original must have ripped the veil of Regent’s Park in twain. Your temperature is checked on the way in but, to be fair, it should probably be done again on the way out after this Biblical assault on the senses. PRAISE BE - AND WELCOME BACK, LIVE THEATRE!"

Evening Standard

"CAPTIVATING. It was good to be back in a theatre, to feel the communal thrill of a full-throated, live experience. It felt like blood was flowing back into the capital’s cultural veins."

The Times

“This new, socially distanced normal is going to be just about bearable if other productions reach these heights. THRILLING"

The I

"Theatre is back in our strange new world – and nothing beats the thrill of a shared cultural experience. For a sector that has always marched to the rallying cry of “the show must go on”, this prestige al fresco production is the most glorious statement of intent."

The Chicago Tribune

"This was about a determination to bring back one of London’s most crucial assets, to prove that this could be done safely, to offer succor and balm and leadership. And, indeed, this experience felt far safer than any number of other activities officially sanctioned on either side of the Atlantic — dining indoors, drinking indoors, going to the supermarket, working construction, sitting on a crowded beach. A moment to be cherished."

The Sun

"MIND-BLOWING. This production of Jesus Christ Superstar – the Andrew Lloyd Webber/Tim Rice masterpiece – is one of the best I’ve ever seen"

Country Life

"Invigorating entertainment, superbly acted and sung. Bullish determination to get the show on the road has paid off."

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