Henry V (1977)

By William Shakespeare

David Conville directed Henry V in 1977, with Clive Arrindell playing the role of King Henry V. This "warm" (Telegraph) and comic interpretation was deemed as a "clear and unpretentious" production (Guardian). Clive Arrindell was relatively unknown, but having been discovered by Laurence Olivier, this was his first major Shakespearean role. Along with a strong supporting cast, this Jubilee production proved to be light and enjoyable.

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Sunday Telegraph

"Racy" "Clive Arrindell's youthful Harry came across well"

The Guardian

"clear unpretentious production" "Clive Arrindell's honest, likeable and genuinely noble Harry dominates the action" "there's a warmth of enjoyment about this production which all but banishes the cold"

Financial Times

"Brilliance and precision given to the exchange between Katherine and her maid (Louise Purnell and Celia Imrie) in French"


"warm production of the play, admirably fitted the grassy stage" "History here is taken lightly, but there are ample delights, including the exuberant Welshness of Ian Talbot's overwrought Fluellen."