As You Like It (1983)

by William Shakespeare

Richard Digby Day's classic take on one of Shakespeare's most well known comedies, featured some very well received performances from a stellar cast. Olympic/World Champion ice skater (and BBC Sports Personality) John Curry played a 'pleasing' Orlando, and his fellow romantic lead, Louise Jameson a 'lovely' Rosalind (The Yorkshire Post). The production also featured Abigail McKern (as Celia), who also won the SWET (now Olivier) Award for Best Supporting Actress. It was David William's Jaques that stole the show, who's performance 'ought to do down in theatrical history' due to 'exquisite timing' and 'superbly poised contemplation' (The Daily Telegraph).

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The Daily Telegraph

"One performance ought to do down in theatrical history. It is David William as the melancholy Jaques. Here is a philosopher of superbly poised contemplation who brings an authority elsewhere lacking on this stage, and who exquisie timing and vocal control contrive to pitch the role into the centre of the evening." "...there is a good deal of charm in the acting of Rosalind (Louise Jameson) and Celia (Abigail McKern)." "A word of warm praise, however, for two of the real rustics - Douglas Hodge and Julie Dawn Cole. They make real emotion out of being lovelorn."

The Yorkshire Post

"Richard Digby Day's direction is unobtrusively effective, as are the individual performances, in evoking the comedy and romanticism of Arden." "The role of Jaques is given a particularly fine sepulchral reading by David William - the Seven Ages oration is exquisitely spoken."