Twelfth Night (2008)

4 June – 30 July

By William Shakespeare

Directed by Edward Dick, the 2008 production of Twelfth Night, a Jazz-era interpretation, was a clear, unfussy version of the classic play. The Times deemed it as an "intensely enjoyable production" in which Janie Dee "proves an adorable Olivia, giving a performance that combines a glamorous sense of style, perfect comic timing and a rare sense of emotional vulnerability" (Daily Telegraph).
Twelfth Night (2008)
Photo: Alastair Muir

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"Dick's production is clear, unfussy, has a pleasing fluidity and often places the actors to draw attention to the emotional space between them. If it initially treats the play as a bit of a romp - with Tim Woodward's Sir Toby Belch and Clive Hayward's Sir Andrew Aguecheek appearing to be fully paid-up members of the Bullingdon club - it does get darker, turning into an interesting meditation on love."

The Times

"On a warmish summer's evening it comes as an amazing pleasure to see such a well thought out and convincing production as this."

Financial Times

"A good, clear and funny production...the cast's clarity of diction and bright, open performances make for a vivacious show."

Evening Standard

"Clive Rowe's Feste is a grandstanding, sweet-voiced delight."

Time Out

"Rowe is impressive, producing a steam of inventive visual clowning and delivering the musical numbers with magnetic assurance."