The Importance of Being Earnest (2009)

3 July – 25 July

By Oscar Wilde

The Importance of Being Earnest, first performed at the Park in 2009, charmed audiences as a "deliciously entertaining, perfectly pitched revival" (The Mail on Sunday). This was the first Oscar Wilde play to be staged at the theatre and this well-manicured comedy of handbags, button-holes and flying coat-tails was dubbed as being "as fresh as a rose garden after rain" (The Daily Telegraph).

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The Mail on Sunday

"Irina Brown's deliciously entertaining, perfectly pitched revival of Wilde's best play...Herbert gives one of the performances of the evening...yet Lucy Briggs Owen can match her as a Cecily..."

The Daily Telegraph

"This delightful production persuades us to see and hear the play afresh...everyword and every familiar phrase sounds new-minted, as fresh as a rose garden after rain"

Time Out

"Irina Brown’s breezy production fnds new pockets of pleasure in Wilde’s masterpiece”

The Independent

“Dominic Tighe’s Algy is a transparent cad and chancer, played on the wing with a neat turn of foot. Ryan Kiggell’s Jack Worthing is a comic embodiment of dogged persistence. There are two beautifully detailed cameos by Julie Legrand as a stylishly spinsterish, surprisingly willowy Miss Prism and Richard O’Callaghan as the accommodating, hand-wringing Canon Chasuble.”