Seven Brides for Seven Brothers (2015)

16 July – 29 August

Book by Lawrence Kasha and David S. Landay
Music by Gene De Paul Lyrics by Johnny Mercer
New songs by Al Kasha and Joel Hirschhorn
Based on the MGM Film and The Sobbin' Women by Stephen Vincent Benet

The 2015 Olivier award-nominated production of Seven Brides for Seven Brothers was directed by Rachel Kavanaugh, with the set and costumes designed by Peter McKintosh. The choreography by Alistair David was described by The Times as "barnstorming" and packed with "nimble charm, exuberance and athleticism". Laura Pitt-Pulford and Alex Gaumond performed the roles of Milly and Adam, in this "frolicking, rollicking, sunny and funny, appropriately barn-storming production" (Mail on Sunday).

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Daily Telegraph

"A joyful evening" "In a marvellous performance, Laura Pitt-Pulford's sparky, indomitable Milly holds all the power. Rachel Kavanaugh's revival blossoms into an old-fashioned love story...I even found myself humming Bless Your Beautiful Hide all the way home."

Sunday Times

"Alistair David's choreography is joyous...A barnstorming production, in which tongue-in-cheek humour abounds"

Sunday Express

"Rachel Kavanaugh and the talented team behind this revival give MGM a run for its evening to treasure."

Evening Standard

"The Open Air Theatre is so delightfully good at revivals of classic musicals that they have become a firm fixture on the summer cultural calendar. Seven Brides continues on this triumphant path...japes aplenty and, pleasingly, a score-full of beautiful songs." "A summer musical marriage."


"Rachel Kavanaugh infuses this stage version with genuine charm and high spirits...while the songs have never sounded so brimming with good humour"

The Times

"Alistair David's barnstorming choreography is packed with nimble charm, exuberance and's an exhilarating riot of swirling gingham and stomping boots, of wild polkas, square dances, cartwheels, backflips and fist fights. Terrific fun."

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