Romeo and Juliet (2008)

2 June – 2 August

By William Shakespeare

In his new role as Artistic Director, Timothy Sheader opened his first season with a production of Shakespeare’s of Romeo and Juliet. This production starred Laura Donnelly as Juliet, and Nicholas Shaw as Romeo.

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The Sunday Telegraph

"From the moment the young lovers enter the stage... there is sexual chemistry in the air. And that chemistry bubbles away purposefully... you really do believe they can't keep their hands off each other."

Evening Standard

“Sheader’s Fifties Mafia-country production of Romeo and Juliet... is stamped with invention, surprise and imagination.”

The Daily Telegraph

"As Romeo, Nicholas Shaw is pretty much dream casting... As Juliet, ravishing newcomer Laura Donnelly matches him for grace...Movement director Liam Steel orchestrates stylish outbreaks of orgiastic writhings and lustily balletic combat...Highly recommended."

The Guardian

"Fotini Dimou's ravishing 1950s costumes are better than a catwalk show... Choreographer Liam Steel offers fight sequences where violence, acrobatics and dance become one seamless swirl of bodies... Nicholas Shaw and Laura Donnelly are charming as the lovers”

The Daily Mail

“A delightful Juliet in Laura Donnelly”