Oh! What A Lovely War (2002)

Developed by Joan Littlewood

Joan Littlewood's classic of modern theatre is a lively, biting satire of the First World War, told through songs and original material from the time. From a seaside show at the end of the pier, the Master of Ceremonies lead a powerful cast through a series of entertaining and often touching scenes, with songs including 'It's a Long Way to Tipperary' and 'Goodbye-ee'. Directed by Ian Talbot, this musical was a big success in the open air.
Oh! What A Lovely War (2002)
Photo: Alastair Muir

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The Guardian

"Ian Talbot's highly enjoyable revival...the highlight of the evening is John Hodgekinson's manic drill scene."

The Daily Telegraph

"Ian Talbot's wonderful revival of Oh! What A Lovely War...I can't think of another piece of theatre that has quite the power to provoke laughter one minute, tears the next, and often induce both at once."

The Sunday Express

"Brilliantly realised by its ensemble cast."

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