Lord of the Flies (2011)

19 May – 18 June

By William Golding;
Adapted for the stage by Nigel Williams

William Golding's seminal book, Lord of the Flies, was brought to the theatre in 2011 in an adaptation by Nigel Williams, it was directed by Artistic Director Timothy Sheader and Liam Steel. Described as a "thrilling descent into horror" (Daily Telegraph), what starts as a classic desert island adventure quickly becomes a struggle for survival as superstition and immorality sees the community slide into a darkly sinister world. Designer Jon Bausor created one of the most impressive sets the theatre has ever produced; the auditorium was converted into a crash site, complete with a cross section of an authentic Boeing 747.

The cast

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Daily Telegraph

"A THRILLING DESCENT INTO HORROR Timothy Sheader’s staging of Lord of the Flies is nothing less than a triumph...this theatrical version is in a class of its own "Guaranteed to grip older children and adults alike from start to finish...UNMISSABLE"

Daily Mail

"...A CINEMATIC SPECTACLE...Jon Bausor’s eye-catching set confirms him as one of the most arresting designers around"

Sunday Times

"Timothy Sheader’s production…has the accumulating force of horror needed to pull off this story of schoolboy air-disaster survivors on an uninhabited island, who briefly taste a paradise that is soon lost as they descend into savagery"

Sunday Express

"This is a RIVETING stage version of William Golding’s still shattering novel Lord of the Flies and it unfolds with a dreadful, compelling inevitability"


"TREMENDOUS …the striking thing here is the handling of so many hot topics – peer pressure, bullying and gang rivalry – in an essentially ‘period’ but contemporary-seeming set up"

The Times Critics Choice

"..brilliantly staged...astonishing performances IT IS A REMARKABLE EVENING"

Evening Standard

"Artistic Director Timothy Sheader, one of the best things to arrive in Regent’s Park since Pimm’s, oversees another summer of refreshingly innovative programming"

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