As You Like It (2002)

By William Shakespeare

Director Rachel Kavanaugh returned to the Open Air Theatre once again in 2002 for the production of As You Like It, deemed a production that brought both 'punch and pathos' (Evening Standard). With a cast including Benedict Cumberbatch (Orlando) and Rebecca Johnson (Rosalind), the play features one of Shakespeare's most famous and often quoted speeches, "All the world's a stage".
As You Like It (2002)
Photo: Alastair Muir

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Evening Standard

"Rachel Kavanaugh has proved once again that she can whip up a Shakespeare text with the lightness and wit of a glass of champagne."

Sunday Telegraph

"An excellent production....and an enchanting one."

Daily Telegraph

"...a touching, beautifully played revival of Shakespeare's breeziest comedy."

Time Out

"Kavanaugh's stylish romp...makes for a giddying mix...entirely suitable for one of the bard's more problematic comedies."