A Midsummer Night's Dream (2019)

28 June – 27 July

by William Shakespeare

Shakespeare's fantastical fable of desire, confusion, jealousy and growing up. "Lord, what fools these mortals be!" Through live music, playful adventure and physical invention, the lovers' "BEWITCHINGLY DARK" (Time Out) world was transformed into a place of magic, laughter and healing, as we journeyed into the woods.
A Midsummer Night's Dream (2019)
Photo: Jane Hobson

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Daily Telegraph

"Dominic Hill exploits to the full the verdant backdrop of Regent’s Park catapulting the audience into a shape-shifting, tenebrous otherworld where arachnoid fairies emerge with lunar stealth from the bushes. Susan Wokoma is sheer bliss, delivering one of the most endearing and effortlessly funny Bottoms I’ve ever seen. A SPELLBINDING EVENING"

The Guardian

"This production should be seen for fairies. Emerging like splinters from beneath set, the hulking arachnid creatures are terrifying. Hunched on tilted stilts, they converse in sign language, stalking lovers who swipe at the air around them as if walking into cobwebs. Rachael Canning's design is exquisite and the performers sublime."

The Times

“What an inventive delight this is. AN ENCHANTMENT OF A PRODUCTION…enveloped in an air of magic."

The Upcoming

“Never has there been a more enthralling rendition. A VISUAL MASTERPIECE".

Time Out

“BEWITCHINGLY DARK … laced with steampunkish glitter, grime and tattoos. As Bottom, Susan Wokoma is sheer sunshine, bubbling over with wayward exuberance. She’s delicious - a Bottom you can really give your heart to” "Susan Wokoma plays Bottom with a youthful, uncrushed confidence; her performance feels fresh, funny and contemporary"


“Gothic yet idyllic. Sounds and shadows haunt Dominic Hill’s A Midsummer Night’s Dream, and Shakespeare’s midnight revels take on a suggestively eerie quality in his production. A MARVELLOUS SPECTACLE of refined emotions and tasteful comedy within an arcane universe that is as alluring as it is unsettling.”

The Stage

"A feverish vision that takes place in deep, dark woods reminiscent of a Grimm Brothers' fairytale. BEWITCHING and BEGUILING...a delectably dark and gothic-tinged take on Shakespeare's comedy"


“The diverse cast is excellent; not least Kieran Hill (Oberon) and Amber James (Titania) – each sprinkling their dual roles with a great deal of charm, wit, playfulness and ... dread. An ENTERTAINING, FUNNY, INSIGHTFUL, TRIUMPH"

West End Wilma

“Perfectly crafted in each element, mesmerising to the last. Myra McFadyen brings a new quirkiness to the role of Puck and her interpretation is excellent. The players’ performance is the best I have ever seen and the costumes for their play within a play are perfect. This is the best interpretation I have ever seen and the combination of sound, stage and script provide a beautifully crafted piece of theatre that proves that Shakespeare can, and will, continue to delight modern audiences for the foreseeable future.”

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