The Crucible (2010)

By Arthur Miller

Set amid the Salem witch hunts, The Crucible, arguably Arthur Miller's greatest play, sees a community divided by jealousy and superstition. The 2010 production, directed by Artistic Director Timothy Sheader, "gripped like a vice" (Mail on Sunday) and cemented the 2010 season as one of the most successful in the theatre's history.
The Crucible (2010)
Photo: Catherine Ashmore

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Daily Telegraph

“Oliver Ford Davies is absolutely terrifying as Danforth...with his granite-like authority and that extraordinarily compelling voice that sends shivers down the spine as it rasps, rumbles and roars.”

The Times

“A midsummer night’s scream...beneath the amber night skies of modern London, the fate of Salem still grips and troubles”

The Independent

“Patrick O’Kane plays Proctor with a tremendous physical frenzy and fervour” “Emma Cunniffe gives a heartbreaking portrait of wifely stoicism”

Time Out

"Timothy Sheader's decision to open this year's season with Arthur Miller's towering 1952 drama triumphantly pays off." "As the darkness gathers, the imagery is extraordinarily potent"