Henry V (1964)

By William Shakespeare

Henry V returned to the Park for a second time in 1964 when it was directed by Artistic Director David William. Earlier that year the British and French governments announced their commitment to building the Channel Tunnel, which would connect the two countries. Our relationship with our French neighbours was a hot topic, and makes the programming of Henry V that summer particularly poignant. Dinsdale Landen was cast to play the role of King Henry the Fifth alongside Amanda Reiss as Princess Katherine.

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"Mr William uses the natural setting imaginatively." "Miss Amanda Reiss is a Katherine of immense determine charm and brings off the intimate scenes of the French lesson and the courtship with foolproof effectiveness." "The New Shakespeare Company offer vigorous playing that can be recommended for those seeking a workmanlike open-air."

Daily Telegraph

"Open air conditions suit the play, which is largely set out doors anyhow." Scenes "gain both from the surroundings and the falling darkness" "Dinsdale Landen, as Henry, leads his army with dash and resolution, and the company in general is full of spirit."


A Henry V of "intriguing ambivalence"