Building Projects, (2018)

In preparation for the Theatre’s 2018 Season, RECREATE was initiated to meet the demands of increasing audiences and to expand the Park’s on-site facilities. Architects Reed Watts created an entirely new rehearsal space, whilst simultaneously building new kitchen facilities and updating our female toilet facilities.

The Regent’s Park Rehearsal Studios consist of four separate rehearsal spaces, a green room and accessible toilets. Studio 1 provides a new double-height, acoustically sealed studio, with two smaller breakout studios to the first floor – thereby enabling us to rehearse all our productions on-site. These are complemented by the pre-existing Robert Atkins Studio, a multi-purpose facility which is also used for workshops and corporate hospitality.

Built in 1999, the theatre’s previous kitchens were only ever intended as temporary and were in urgent need of replacement. Our in-house catering team produce all the food for our customers on site; RECREATE delivered a purpose built kitchen to meet our team’s needs, complete with modern facilities and a much increased capacity.

Furthermore, as audiences have increased, so too has the demand on visitor toilets, therefore RECREATE re-configured and improve circulation, signage and lighting to ensure all of our facilities are fully utilised.

Leading up to our 2019 season, RECREATE will continue to improve the Park’s landscaping and seating. Initially focusing on enhancing the theatre’s landscape by protecting trees through a new planting scheme.

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